Ring Types

Solitaire Engagement Ring

The most classic, simple engagement ring is the solitaire engagement ring. It features a single stone, typically a diamond, with a plain mounting or setting consisting of four or six prongs.  The solitaire ring is one of the most popular engagement ring settings. The solitaire setting provides the center diamond with the most exposure to light, resulting in the most sparkle and brilliance possible. Many variations are available with this setting such as the width of the mounting, number of prongs, height of the prongs, contemporary and classic designs, and trellis settings.


Pave Engagement Ring

A Pave design is a popular choice because of the modern and elegant nature of its design. Diamonds in this setting appear to be standing alone, using tiny beads or prongs to hold them in place, with little or no metal showing. Each stone is set individually, allowing more light to reflect off the diamond creating a more brilliant appearance. Pave settings are either full pave or half pave. Micro pave rings are also interesting. The individual stones are so small that they appear to blend together, creating extraordinary fire. The most common center stones used for this setting are round brilliant or princess cut diamonds, and are prong set, basket set or bezel set.


Channel Set Engagement Ring

Embedded diamonds set in a channel groove is this setting’s unique feature. No prongs are used to secure the side stones. They are secured by a thin metal strip and are set flush with the band. This produces a very sturdy setting that will not snag on clothing because the stones are flush with the metal setting. Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice for this setting as its square edges ensure a tight fit without gaps between the stones.


Three Stone Engagement Ring

This classic engagement ring is also a very popular anniversary ring. It features a center stone with two identical stones on either side. Most popular is a center diamond stone with side diamonds or colored stones. Either way, this ring is stunning! The shape and size of the center stone can vary, along with the shape and the size of the side stones.


Sidestone Engagement Ring

Sidestone settings add brilliance and depth to a center stone, complementing it perfectly. The setting’s sidestones can vary in number from one on each side to many, making the overall appearance of the ring more impressive. The sidestones’ size can also vary, from vary small to a larger carat size.


Halo Engagement Ring

Created in the 1920’s during the glamour era, halo engagement rings feature a “halo” or border that surround a center diamond. This setting emphasizes or enhances the center diamond size and brilliance, therefore creating a stunning visual of diamond brilliance and sparkle. All shapes and sizes of center stones can be used for this setting. Colored gemstones are also commonly used as a center center stone.


Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage and antique style engagement rings are as popular now as they were in the past. What was once revered as a symbol of wealth or royalty is now a symbol of love, devotion and commitment. Many styles even offer a unique vintage setting with modern diamond cuts. The center stone in this type of setting is usually prong set, basket set, or bezel set.


Wedding rings

There are generally three types of wedding rings; diamond eternity rings, wedding rings with stones, and classic wedding bands.

Diamond eternity rings are a ring featuring a simple row of diamonds wrapping completely around the ring. This endless band of diamonds symbolizes never ending love and devotion. This style is a popular choice for weddings and anniversaries. Eternity rings feature many different diamond cuts and styles, and are popular in all metal choices.

Wedding rings with stones are wedding bands that feature stones in the setting. They do not create a contiguous row of diamonds, although stones may be set encircling the entire band. These wedding rings can also feature only diamonds on the top surface, or top and sides only.

Classic wedding bands do not contain any diamonds or gemstones. They are comprised completely of metal; gold (white, yellow or pink) or platinum. Popular styles include comfort fit, flat, half-round, high-dome, medium dome, low dome, round, and knife edge.