Diamond Anatomy

Defining a Diamond

Understanding a diamond’s basic structural elements will guide you in your decision of choosing your perfect diamond. What are the parts of a diamond? All finished diamonds have the same eight parts. Here is a brief description of what each part is and where it is located on a diamond.

Diamond Anatomy

  • Table Spread:  the large facet on top of the diamond
  • Crown:  the top portion of a diamond from the table to the girdle
  • Diameter: the width of a diamond from edge to edge
  • Girdle:  the edge where the crown and pavillion meet
  • Pavilion:  the bottom part of a diamond from the girdle to the culet
  • Depth: the height of a diamond from the table to the culet
  • Culet:  the very bottom of the diamond, sometimes pointed

Knowledge of a diamond’s anatomy will allow you to wisely choose your diamond by communicating effectively with a jewelry expert.

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