Anti-Theft Laser Inscription

A diamond from Sarkisian’s Jewelry is a symbol of forever love meant to be forever treasured.

We help protect your diamond with two security features.

1. When you purchase a diamond from Sarkisian’s Jewelry you will receive a uniquely numbered International Gemological Laboratory Certificate (GIA certificate). This internationally accepted lab report lists all of the characteristics of your diamond, along with its value. As no two diamonds are alike, this report is unique to your diamond only.

2. Your diamond’s GIA certificate number will be microscopically laser inscribed on the girdle of your diamond, ensuring you that the certificate you receive matches your diamond. This laser inscription is only visible through a microscope or loupe, and is not visible with the naked eye. You will always be able to identify your diamond.

With these two layers of protection, you will have peace of mind that you will always be able to identify your diamond.